Developer: Blood Dragon Benefits from Open-World Mechanics, Special Ingredient

The game will allow the player to battle and use the laser-eyed monsters

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon might be a game that uses every cliche in the action movie cannon, but the development team that has created the first-person shooter for Ubisoft says that it has also kept focus on the core concepts of the series.

The player has the freedom to explore any part of the open world they want, with plenty of choices when it comes to how battle is approached.

At the same time, the team has included the Blood Dragons themselves, huge creatures that can fire lasers from their eyes, in order to introduce a unique element that could not exist in another Far Cry game.

Phil Fournier, a production manager at Ubisoft, explains to VG247 that, “You can actually lure dragons by throwing cyber-hearts that you picked up from offline(dead) Cyborg bodies. Obviously the dragon is my new favorite weapon.”

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