Deus Ex: Human Revolution Is 75% Off on Steam

The game offers a mix of action, stealth and role-playing

Publisher Square Enix and Valve, the creators of digital distribution service Steam, are offering gamers a chance to pick up Deus Ex: Human Revolution, one of the best titles to launch during 2011, with a 75 percent price cut for the coming day and a half.

This means that those interested can get the action thriller for 2.99 dollars or Euro.

An Augmented Edition with extra content is also deeply discounted.

The offer is part of a Square Enix themed weekend on Steam and there are also significant cuts available for other titles in the publisher’s catalog, with a special offer for those willing to pre-order the new Tomb Raider.

The new Deus Ex blends straight up action with stealth sequences and also challenges the player to get out of tricky situations using nothing but Adam Jensen’s intelligence and enhanced skills.

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