Deus Ex 1 Rated for PlayStation 3 Launch, Might Arrive as PS2 Classic Title

Square Enix may re-release the original Deus Ex game soon enough

PEGI, the European videogame ratings board, has just posted a listing for Deus Ex, the classic videogame from a decade ago, for the PlayStation 3 platform, hinting that Square Enix might soon re-release the title as a PS2 Classic.

Deus Ex impressed a huge amount of people back in the early 2000s when it appeared on the PC and, a bit later, on the PlayStation 2.

After last year’s highly successful Deus Ex: Human Revolution, it now seems that Square Enix might re-release the original game in the series on the PlayStation 3.

While the rating posted on the PEGI website, spotted by Siliconera, doesn’t share any actual details, it’s possible that Deus Ex will be launched as a PS2 Classic title, meaning it will only be optimized to run on the PS3.

Expect to hear an official confirmation about Deus Ex 1 for the PS3 soon enough.

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