Destiny Beta Gets Moon Mission Unlocked for 2 Hours Today, July 26

Starting at 2pm PDT, you can go on a new adventure for a limited time

Bungie has confirmed that it's organizing a special event inside the Destiny Beta stage today, July 26, at 2pm PDT, during which it will unlock the Moon mission for all participants.

Destiny is set to debut this September but in order to ensure that the multiplayer shooter's release goes off without a hitch, Bungie has been organizing all sorts of tests, culminating with the current beta stage.

The initial test phase was only for those who pre-ordered the game but, since then, Bungie has opened it up to all PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One owners around the world.

The beta offered a range of missions set on Earth, not to mention access to the Tower hub area and the Crucible competitive PvP mode.

Now, it seems that for the second to last day of the beta, Bungie has a surprise in store, as it's unlocking for a limited time the first Moon mission in the beta stage, according to the official blog.

More specifically, today, July 26, at 2pm PDT, for just two hours, players are invited into the beta to experience the first non-Earth mission in the game.

Those who participate in the trial will also score a special nameplate to commemorate their efforts.


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