Demon’s Souls 2 in Development for PlayStation 4 – Report

The game might be announced in the coming months by From Software

Demon’s Souls 2 might be in development for the PlayStation 4 home console from Sony at the From Software studio, with a reveal planned for later during the year.

The information comes from a retailer listing that puts the game alongside a number of other titles that have been confirmed for the next-gen device from Sony.

From Software has not offered any kind of comment on the information.

The company is working on Dark Souls 2, which is set to launch on current-gen consoles and on the PC in March of next year.

The team has promised to create a more accessible experience without sacrificing the difficulty level that the first title promoted.

Dark Souls is seen as a spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls, so it’s unclear how the two titles might be linked.

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