Democratic Development Process Is a Pleasure Virus for Gaming Industry

The developers of Quantum Conundrum praise Portal creator

Matt Brunner, co-founder of Airtight Games, says the team that created Quantum Conundrum is satisfied with the contribution of Portal creator Kim Swift and wants her influence to spread out even more in the video game industry.

He is quoted by VG247 as saying that, “We’ve learned a lot from Kim’s totally democratic way of working and we hope it spreads, like a pleasure virus, through all our future development.”

He adds, “Quantum Conundrum is a brainchild of her particular way of developing with a team where everyone has a creative voice. They found a mechanic and idea that began to sing for them and then went nuts with it.”

Quantum Conundrum, which focuses on the shift between various physics systems, can be played on the PC, the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

At the moment, Airtight Games is working on a new mobile title called Pixld.

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