Democracy 2 Gets 50% Price Cut on Steam

The game offers an in-depth simulation of the political process

Democracy 2, a video game which aims to simulate the complexities of the political process, is now available as a daily deal on digital distribution service Steam, with those interested able to pick it up for a price that’s 50 percent lower than usual.

The game costs players 8.99 dollars or 6.99 Euro.

The game has been created by Positech Games, a small developer that specializes on surprisingly deep simulations that touch a range of topics.

Democracy 2 is a very complex video game that relies on statistical data and a system of consequences to show gamers just how complicated it can be to run a country and try to satisfy all the constituencies and pressure groups at the same time.

Subjects from stem cell research to the defense budget are all fair game in Democracy 2.

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