Defiance MMO Video Diary Explains Races and Cultures

The MMO will be linked to a television series on SyFy

The team that works on Defiance as a television series at the Syfy Channel and those at Trion Worlds developing it as an MMO launched a new video diary, designed specifically to give both future viewers and players information on the various alien races and the cultures that are part of the new universe.

The video is heavy on lore information, but also shows some very cool character transformations, relying on make-up and on special effects.

The idea behind Defiance is that it will allow those who play the first-person shooter-based MMO to side with one of the factions, do battle and then see their results influence the events portrayed in the television series, although the exact mechanics are not clear at the moment.

Defiance is set to be launched during April 2013.

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