Defiance Beta Available on PlayStation Plus Between March 22 and 25 Updated

Gamers will also get a discount when the MMO is officially out

Chris Howe, the content manager for the PlayStation Store and the Plus service, announces that those who subscribe will get access to the beta for Defiance starting on March 22, being able to play as an Ark Hunter until March 25.

PS Plus members can also get a price cut for Defiance between April 2 and April 17, with the game priced at just 31.99 Euro (40 dollars) for the period.

Defiance is designed to mix an MMO with shooter elements with a television series that’s being created by the Syfy channel.

Gamers will inhabit a post-apocalyptic world where humans mingle with a number of alien races and the way players perform during special events will influence the way the TV series evolves.

Defiance will be launched on the PC, the PS3 and the Xbox 360, but it will not have cross-platform play.

UPDATE: Despite the info from the official PS Blog Plus subscribers can access the Defiance beta right now.

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