Defiance Available for Pre-Order, Offers Exclusive Bonuses

Gamers can get both extra digital and physical content

Video game developer and publisher Trion Worlds says that its upcoming MMO Defiance is now available for pre-order on the PS3, the Xbox 360 and the PC, with four packages designed to appeal to a wide variety of players.

The normal pre-order is available for 5 dollars or Euro and includes an extra weapon, a new outfit, a player title, an invitation to the beta stage for Defiance and a 3-day-long experience points boost.

The Digital Deluxe Edition is priced at 99 dollars and introduces the Badlands Drifter title, an extra weapon, more inventory space, a 30-day-long boost to everything, a new outfit and shield.

The Collector’s Edition has the same price and comes with a unique box, a CD soundtrack, an official Von Bach contract, a Hellbug statue, a book, a making-of DVD and all the other special in-game bonuses, although boosts are limited to a seven-day period.

The Ultimate Edition for Defiance is only offered via GameStop and adds a messenger bag, the Pale Wars Ronin and a one-year pass for DLC.

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