Deep Down Shows Off Game World with PlayStation 4 Trailer

The game will run on the new Code Name: Panta Rhei engine

Video game publisher Capcom is getting ready to support the upcoming PlayStation 4 fully and one of the first projects linked to the new Sony home console is called Deep Down, although the company makes it clear that this is just a working title.

The video for Deep Down shows a number of characters exploring a network of tunnels that seem to be host to some pretty powerful enemy creatures.

The main confrontation is with a dragon and shows the protagonist using weapons and the environment to take it down.

Deep Down is developed using an entirely new engine that Capcom is preparing for the PlayStation 4, called Code Name: Panta Rhei.

The experience seems to mix concepts from Monster Hunter and Dark Souls.

The company also has plans to create a number of other titles using the same engine.

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