Death’s Knell Available in MechWarrior Online

Gamers get a nimble machine with good offensive power

Developers Infinite Game Publishing and Piranha Games are giving fans of MechWarrior Online access to a new mech to use in the game, Death’s Knell, one of the machines that have been the most requested by the player community.

The new mech has 176 points of armor to protect itself from enemy attack and is armed with four medium lasers which allow for long range engagements and close-up battles, with more tactical flexibility than many of the other available machines.

Bryan Ekman, the creative director at Piranha Games, says, “Whether I choose to pilot a familiar or totally new Mech, such as Death’s Knell, hearing Bitching Betty at the start really brings back fond memories while I get pumped for the action on the battlefield.”

MechWarrior Online will continue to get access to new content in the coming months.

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