Death Inc. Releases Demo to Boost Kickstarter Effort

Players can try out a pre-alpha version of the game

Developer Ambient Studios is allowing all those interested to pick up a demo version of Death Inc., which shows the game in pre-alpha state, in order to boost its current Kickstarter-based crowd-funding effort.

The game mixes mechanics taken from the real-time strategy world and from the God game genre, allowing players to spread death across Medieval England while also upgrading their own base of operations and employing minions.

The official description from the team reads, “Play as Grim T. Livingstone, freelance Reaper, and unleash the plague on 17th century England. Ransack farms, ports and cities, topple knights and noblemen as you battle to increase your pestilential horde.”

Death Inc. is at the moment in the middle of its Kickstarter effort and the game aims to get 300,000 dollars (224,000 Euro).

For now, the game has only managed to get a fifth of the money it needs.

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