Death Inc. Mixes Strategic Depth and Humor

The team wanted to revolutionize the strategy genre

Jonny Hopper, a co-founder of Ambient Studios, explains the origins of the team’s upcoming Death Inc. and how the experience aims to mix complex strategy mechanics with a humorous take on Medieval England.

He tells VG247 that, “It originally came from our artist Jon Eckersley. He’s had this idea kicking around for a while about a zombie game where you control the zombies. And to his credit he’d had that idea way before zombie games were cool.”

The team then expanded the concept in order to develop Death Inc., with a focus on minions, side missions that can spread the plagued empire and tactical puzzles.

Hopper also says that the new control scheme has the potential to revolutionize the strategy genre.

We have a Quick Look for Death Inc., which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

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