Deadly Premonitions Director Promises Surprise for 2013

The game is already getting a relaunch during spring

Hidetaka Suehiro, aka Swery, the director of Deadly Premonition, is promising fans of his work a big surprise during the coming year.

The official blog post that he created for New Year states, “And to all my fans, who keep giving me their never-ending support, I think I’ll have some surprising and amazing news for you next year.”

Hidetaka Suehiro is already working on Deadly Premonitions: The Director’s Cut, which is supposed to launch with upgraded graphics, a set of improved controls and more content for gamers to explore.

The new version of the game will be offered on the PlayStation 3 from Sony and it’s unclear whether those who own the original on the Xbox 360 will have a way to upgrade.

Previous titles from Suehiro include: Lord of Arcana, Classic Tomba 2, Extermination, Ace Combat: Joint Assault and Spy Fiction.

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