Dead Space 3 Item Farming Is Stealing, Says IP Expert

Expert believes that players should not take advantage of it

Visceral Games and Electronic Arts have explained that the so-called item farming glitch in Dead Space 3 is actually a legitimate gameplay mechanic, but one intellectual property expert says that it’s use is equivalent to stealing.

Sara Ludlam is quoted by The Official Xbox Magazine as saying that, “arguably if you go into this game knowing you are supposed to be paying for these weapons and you notice a glitch allows you to accumulate them without paying, that’s theft as well. But it is arguable because it’s a new area.”

Dead Space 3 uses a new resource system for weapon crafting and Electronic Arts is allowing gamers who are unwilling to scavenge to pay in order to get access to them.

Presumably, Visceral integrated the farming areas in the game in order to make sure that players who were unwilling to spend for resources did not suffer in the long term.

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