Dead Space 3 Item Farming Glitch Allows Players to Pick Up Unlimited Resources

Check out a video of the glitch in action right here

Dead Space 3 is apparently vulnerable to a pretty intriguing glitch, as apparently players can enter and exit a room that constantly spawns different and quite precious resources, allowing them to quickly fill up their inventories with useful things.

Dead Space 3 introduces a brand new scavenging system that tasks players with collecting different resources as well as upgrades for their weapons.

These items can be found throughout the game world and with the use of special little Scavenger bots.

A new glitch, however, allows players to rapidly fill up their inventories with precious items as apparently a certain room at the end of Chapter 8 constantly spawns resources every time you exit and enter the room.

As you can see in the video above, via GameFront, the resources spawned include upgrades, important resources, or even regular medkits.

As of yet, EA hasn't commented on this glitch.

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