Dead Space 3 Has As Much Action As Previous Titles, Says Producer

The new game also aims to deliver interesting scary moments

Many fans believe that Dead Space 3 is a more action-driven title than previous entries in the series, but the development team working on the game at Visceral wants to explain that the game still has plenty of moments dedicated to character buildings and horror.

John Calhoun, the associate producer working on Dead Space 3, tells the Official PlayStation Blog that the game has no more action than the first and second titles set in the same universe.

The developer adds, “we did make Isaac a more capable protagonist in this game, including his ability to crouch and take cover. These features were added to level the playing field between Isaac and Dead Space 3′s new human enemies, who are tactically advanced and could otherwise overpower the player.”

Dead Space 3 is also the first title in the series to add cooperative play.

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