Dead Space 3 Has Micro-Transactions for Crafting Components

Players can pay with real money for virtual components

Dead Space 3, the next big title from EA and Visceral Games, has an in-game store that allows for micro-transactions with real-money, as players can opt to spend their actual cash on components for the crafting system.

Dead Space 3, as we showcased in our quick look at the demo, has a crafting mini-game through which players can create new or customize weapons with components and resources they find through the environment.

In case you want to speed up the process and not search through every nook and cranny, developer Visceral has confirmed, via Eurogamer, that there's an in-game store where you can buy equipment by spending virtual credits.

These credits can also be found throughout the game, but you can opt to spend real-life cash on different credit packs.

This micro-transaction model won't allow players to create the most powerful weapons right from the beginning, as Visceral's Yara Khoury emphasizes that many parts are locked until they progress through the game.

Players won't be forced to spend their real-life cash, as Khoury also says that plenty of resources and components are found in the game's world.

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