Dead Space 3 Has Kinect Commands Triggered by Swearing

The game will detect a variety of voice commands by using the Kinect

Dead Space 3 supports voice commands through the use of the Kinect sensor on the Xbox 360 and developer Visceral Games has revealed that the game will also be able to detect swearing and different expletives.

Dead Space games have delivered some impressive survival horror experiences and in the upcoming Dead Space 3, Visceral Games is keeping the tried and true formula while adding new features, like a cooperative mode and support for the Kinect sensor on the Xbox 360.

According to Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis, some commands are explained by the game and triggered by different words, but the game will also detect swear words shouted in moments of fear and react accordingly.

"We actually have some commands that people will need to figure out. But there are commands where you might be in a certain situation and you might yell a specific expletive and it might behave in a way that you want it to," he told CVG.

While Papoutsis didn't say just how the game will react, you can bet that Xbox 360 owners with Kinect sensor will have a more interesting Dead Space 3 experience.

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