Dead Space 3 Diary – Scavenging and Crafting Become Important Later on

Stick with the plasma cutter and perform just suit upgrades until then

Dead Space 3 came out this week and, after quite a lot of debates and controversies, fans were finally able to see if the full version of the game delivers a great experience, despite its different microtransactions or the fact that the PC version is a direct port of the console editions.

We already posted our own review and even talked a bit more in-depth about the horror aspects of this survival shooter.

Now, it's time to talk about one of the core new mechanics added by the game: crafting using scavenged materials.

While in Dead Space 1 and 2 you only had a few different weapons that could be upgraded using special nodes, in Dead Space 3 you now have various resources that can be found within the game's world or by stomping on dead (or at least hopefully dead) enemies.

These resources range from materials like Tungsten, to scrap metal and other such things and each upgrade for a weapon or even for your suit costs a certain amount of items.

Besides scouting for crafting materials, you also get to find different weapon components, from certain bases to different firing components, attachment tips, and other such things.

There are plenty of combinations that can be pulled off within the game by using the Bench crafting system but, at least for the first half or even the first two thirds of the game, you'll still be better off using the traditional Plasma Cutter, as it offers a great mix between simplicity, versatility, and easily chops off the different limbs of your foes.

Towards the end of the game you might feel the need to more powerful weapons or ones who perform special tricks, like automatically slowing down enemies, so it's probably better to hold off on trying to craft different weapons until then.

In the meantime, you should certainly just accumulate the materials and probably spend in better health and armor for your suit.

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