Dead Space 3 Diary – It's Good to Be Scared Again

The new game still manages to emphasize survival horror

Despite not becoming a huge financial success when it first came out, the Dead Space franchise from Electronic Arts and Visceral Games is now on its third installment and continues to offer a survival horror experience that, in this day and age, is becoming quite a rarity.

A year ago horror games delivered some great experiences, with top-notch franchises like Resident Evil or Silent Hill keeping gamers on the edge of their seats.

[admark=1]Now, horror titles mostly include independent titles, like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, as older franchises have either evolved into new directions, like Resident Evil, or are of a low quality, like Silent Hill.

Fortunately, Dead Space 3 continues to follow the survival footprints of its predecessors and still makes exploring its different environments a scary thing to do.

Sure, there are still some "gotcha" moments that happen every now and then, but the developers at Visceral Games have refined their encounters and they always feel quite varied.

If you have enough experience, you can spot upcoming ambushes; yet, there are plenty of situations where you'll be desperately searching your surroundings in order to find the deadly necromorph.

The monsters have also become a bit more varied, as a few new species have been added while existing ones have gotten updates in terms of looks or attacks.

While judging from the demo Dead Space 3's environments seemed to get more open, in the actual game there are still plenty of tight and twisted corridors filled with air vents through which the necromorphs can easily jump out.

What's more, the atmosphere continues to emphasize the scary situations as the lighting, the sound, and the camera all work together to leave a lasting impression on the player.

As such, coupling the claustrophobic environments with the different enemies and the eerie atmosphere, Dead Space 3 players are certainly kept on the edge of their seats.

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