Dead Space 3 Developer Explains Dementia Mechanics

Gamers will have to decide what constitutes reality

Steve Papoutsis, the executive producer on Dead Space 3, says that the new dementia mechanics in the horror game will play a big part in the single-player story and will determine how gamers approach certain areas.

He tells CVG that, “Carver sees an item in the world that triggers a specific memory in him. And when he sees that item it leads him to an area that's now accessible to Carver and Isaac. So previously, in single player, that area's not accessible, but now Carver's there and he sees this iconic element he's able to access that area.”

Because the two players engaged in cooperative gameplay are seeing different aspects of the game world, they will need to communicate and establish what’s real and what is not in order to progress.

Dead Space 3 will be launched in early February 2013.

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