Dead Rising 3's Crazy Bosses Leaked

Gardeners, bikers, wrestlers, or even spoiled rich gamers will take on hero Nick

The different boss encounters from the upcoming Dead Rising 3 zombie game have been leaked, and they include a crazy gardener, a former wrestler, a biker, and a gamer.

Dead Rising 3 was revealed to the world by Capcom exclusively for the Xbox One earlier this week at E3 2013.

After learning that the game will use Xbox SmartGlass to offer certain bonus missions to players, a few details about the title's different bosses have appeared online, via Siliconera.

The first boss is a gardener who starts a fight with the new hero, Nick, because he knocked a rock out of its place from his Zen Garden.

The second boss will be a female wrestler and bodybuilder named Jerry who attacks Nick after he makes a remark about her career.

Other bosses include the leader of a motorcycle gang and spoiled rich kid who just wants to play games instead of being rescued from the zombies.

As of yet, these details haven't been confirmed, so take them with a grain of salt.

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