Dead Rising 3 Gets Impressive Cinematic Video

Check out protagonist Nick Ramos as he crafts imposing weapons

Capcom has just unleashed a brand new cinematic trailer for Dead Rising 3, its upcoming Xbox One exclusive shooter, showing off the craftable weapons and the different improvisations of protagonist Nick Ramos.

Dead Rising 3 was among the big surprises unleashed by Microsoft at E3 2013 this summer, confirming that the Capcom title is exclusive to the Xbox One.

After getting a gameplay video, a cinematic trailer has just been released, via IGN, showing off some impressive scenes that might be included in the actual zombie game.

In the footage above, you can see protagonist Nick Ramos as he drives a car through the zombie-infested city, as well as meet up with a new ally and craft some imposing weapons, not to mention a hybrid between a bike and a steamroller.

The footage is pretty impressive, but the fact that it's complete CGI puts into question if the scenes will be a part of the new game.

Dead Rising 3 is out for Xbox One in November.

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