Dead Island: Riptide Gets 9 Minute Gameplay Video

Fans can see the new defense mode and more environments

The development team at Techland is giving gamers another chance to take a look at the gameplay of the upcoming Dead Island: Riptide via a new trailer designed to show off action set pieces and the new defense hub battles.

The video is packed with zombie fights and is based on an alpha version of the game, which means that the final version of Dead Island: Riptide will probably look much better.

The new content is designed to expand on the zombie universe created in the first game, with a new island called Palanai, half covered by water and home to a new type of undead to fight with.

Riptide will also include a new character called John Morgan and a new environment around the city of Henderson.

It launches in late April on the PC and home consoles.

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