Day Z Standalone Will Have Steam Specific Features

The service allows for faster patch deployment and better scalability

Dean Hall, aka Rocket, the creator of the popular Day Z mod, says that his Standalone launch will be offered on Steam and will come complete with a number of unique features.

On the official developer blog he lists “delta patching, VAC, server browsing technology. Patches to steam can be deployed by the click of a button in our build pipeline thanks to new technology developed by Steam, that is making our process extremely easy and exciting.”

“We are very pleased that Steam is working with us so actively to make DayZ a great game and supporting us with quality features,” he adds.

Hall has specifically named Chet Faliszek, the man behind the Left 4 Dead franchise, as one of the main supporters of Day Z inside Valkve.

Steam also allows Day Z Standalone to quickly scale up and handle a big surge in interest from the player base on launch.

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