Day Z Creator Wants to Implement Bad Ideas to Spur Innovation

The developer says that all new features are learning experiences

Dean Hall, aka Rocket, the creator of the Day Z mod for ArmA II, says that he is willing to implement a lot of seemingly bad game ideas into his experience in order to test them out and see whether the community can turn them into something more interesting.

On Reddit the developer says, “I hope I implement a lot of bad ideas. So that then, we know they are bad.”

He adds, “Then we can remove them and move on. If we stick to safe ideas, this isn’t going to become a great game over the next few months – it will just be a cool idea and I’ll try and spend the next ten years going around conventions talking about how cool it was.”

Hall says that in the 20 years he has left to create video games he wants to make as many mistakes as possible because some of them will certainly become interesting game mechanics.

Day Z will get a standalone version in the coming months.

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