Day One for Anarchy Reigns Includes Bayonetta and New Game Modes

Players in Europe will be the first to get access to the extra content

SEGA has announced a new Day One Edition for Anarchy Reigns, which will only be offered on the European market and will allow gamers to pre-order to get access to a new character, Bayonetta, and two new game modes.

Mad Survival will see players group in three-man teams that will have to deal with waves of enemies that manage to take the form of other playable characters from Anarchy reigns.

Dogfight is more innovative, allowing gamers to hang from helicopters and shoot their enemies to make them drop dead from the sky.

As for the new character SEGA says, “Bayonetta is a formidable force on the battlefield. Wielding her four guns collectively known as Scarborough Fair, she can also use her patented ‘Wicked Weave’ attacks to deal even more damage to any poor soul that falls in her sights. Players who unlock Bayonetta won’t have an advantage over the other characters but, well…she does wear guns on her boots.”

The Day One Edition for Anarchy Reigns will be offered on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 and SEGA promises that it will also offer info on how gamers outside of Europe can get access to the extra content.

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