David Perry Regrets Selling Shiny to Atari

His team could have continued creating Earthwork Jim games

David Perry, the video game designer best known for working on Sacrifice, MDK and Earthworm Jim, has stated that he regrets selling his development studio Shiny Entertainment to Atari in 2002.

Speaking about Earthworm Jim 3D he said, “I never played it. I said to the CEO of Atari, ‘if I rebuild the Earthworm Jim team, will you fund it’, and he said he would. We rebuilt the team.”

He added, “Atari said we were low on cash and they said they weren’t going to start any new projects. It was embarrassing for me.”

Perry is currently working on a video game that is iPad based and is inspired by Deathchase.

The developer moved to tech work after selling his development studio and has created and lead Gaikai, a video game streaming company, which was sold to Sony earlier during the month.

The tech his company has created can be used to play modern titles on machines that are unable to run them.

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