Darkspore Is 75% Off on Steam

A four game package is also available for those who want multiplayer

Video game publisher Electronic Arts and Valve are offering Darkspore, the action role playing game spin-off, with a 75 percent price cut for the next 23 hours via the Steam digital distribution service.

Dakrspore is based on the Spore universe that maxis created and allows players to customize a team of heroes in order to take out an evil creature that threatens the entire galaxy.

The description of the game reads: “Set in a sci-fi universe, E-DNA has escaped the lab and allowed the Darkspore to overrun all planetary life. After eons of hiding in hypersleep, you have been awakened with a mission: Reconstruct an arsenal of Genetic Heroes and destroy the Darkspore!”

A 4 pack of the game is also available for those who want to gift copies of the game to their friends in order to play both cooperative and competitive multiplayer.

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