Darksiders II Is 66% Off on Steam Until Thursday

The game features Death, varied weapons, powerful enemies

Video game publisher THQ and Valve, the creators of the Steam digital distribution service, have announced that they are putting Darksiders II on sale, with a price cut of 66 percent, from now until Thursday, November 15 at 4 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Darksiders II can be bought for the price of 16 dollars or Euro, which is a significant discount for a game that was launched just a few months ago.

The title was developed by Vigil Games and allows gamers to take control of Death, who is trying to redeem the good name of his brother War, who is unfairly blamed for launching the Apocalypse ahead of time.

The core structure of Darksiders II is open world and the player has access to a wide array of weapons and combat moves with which to take out enemies that are more impressive than those of the original.

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