Dark Souls 2’s Dedicated Servers Will Improve Player Interaction

The first game in the series could have also benefited from them

Tomohiro Shibuya, the new director working on Dark Souls 2, says that the team is looking at new ways to create a dedicate server structure and to expand the mechanic that allowed players to visit each other’s worlds.

He tells Famitsu, as translated by Polygon, that, “We’d like to evolve the asynchronous message-oriented online support from the previous game; we’re imagining a framework where players are able to directly interact with each other.”

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of the original title in the series, believes that the Dark Souls mechanics would be improved by dedicated servers and says that the new feature makes him a little jealous of what Shibuya can work with.

Dark Souls 2 will be launched on home consoles in 2014 and will continue the story told in the first game.

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