Dark Souls 2 Reveal Trailer Does Not Use Game Engine

The new tech will be used to increase interactivity

The developers behind the newly unveiled Dark Souls 2 reveal that the trailer for the game showed during the VGA 2012 ceremony is not created using the new game engine.

From Software has already stated that it will use a new engine to create the recently announced game, designed to better reflect the nature of the game world.

Midetaka Miyazaki, the game director behind the first Dark Souls, is now moving to an overseer role, according to Gematsu, and claims that the new main developers will have the freedom to remake the fantasy universe he created using the new resources they have at their disposal.

The new engine is also designed to allow players more opportunities to interact directly with characters and items.

Dark Souls 2 will probably be launched during 2014 on home consoles.

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