Dark Souls 2 Has Server-Based Online System, Allows Offline Play

The RPG will carry over some items from Dark Souls 1 but more details aren't available

After revealing the first few videos and a series of screenshots with Dark Souls 2, developer From Software has started sharing more details about the upcoming role-playing game and how its online system is now server-based, instead of the peer-to-peer mechanic used in the previous installment.

Dark Souls 2 is set to deliver a variety of improvements over its predecessor, mostly in terms of graphics but also in terms of other gameplay mechanics or concerning the AI, which result in a more varied enemy behavior.

Now, Dark Souls 2 producer Yui Tanimura tells CVG that the new online system is based on servers instead of peer-to-peer.

"The game is now server-based, we hope to implement new aspects into the game that are only possible because it is server based. We want to utilise that as much as possible to deliver a new experience."

What's more, Tanimura also confirms that an offline mode is present and that some things will be carried over from Dark Souls 1.

As of yet, however, developer From Software is still working hard on the game ahead of its 2014 release.

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