Dark Souls 2 Gets Official Cinematic Trailer

Check out an actual video with the upcoming and quite challenging RPG

The official trailer for Dark Souls 2 is finally available on the web, showing off quite a bit of cinematic footage from the upcoming role-playing game, teasing a bit of the title's story.

From Software impressed millions of gamers from all around the world with Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, two extremely challenging role-playing games that demand nothing short of perfection from its players.

Over the weekend, the studio confirmed at the 2012 Video Game Awards that a new game was coming, in the form of Dark Souls 2.

We already heard a few details since then but now the actual trailer for the game has just been released online, showing off a lot of cinematic footage from the new RPG, introducing fresh characters and hinting at plenty of story elements.

While the whole trailer is quite impressive, the medieval fantasy elements are pretty generic, so let's hope the game will be able to deliver something fresh in terms of story as well as in terms of gameplay.

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