Dark Matter Reveals Seeker and Samurai Enemies

Both of them require special tactics to be defeated

The development team at Interwave Studios is revealing two new enemies for their upcoming Dark Matter, a side scrolling platformer with a lot of combat sections.

The team says, “These two heavies represent the top of the Scavenger food chain. Each in their own special way, the Seeker and Samurai will teach you to fear those rumbling sounds you’ll hear in the dark. Well, they’ll mostly be chewing your character’s face off. That should give rise to some unique learning experiences.”

The Seeker is designed to defend himself from incoming fire and will react with a quick attack, forcing players to deliver high damage strikes fast to eliminate him.

The Samurai, somewhat counter intuitively, is highly protected and can take a lot of damage before going down, most likely to explosive attacks.

Dark Matter aims for an early 2013 launch date.

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