Dark Matter Receives First Gameplay Footage

The game mixes insanity mechanics with platforming

The development team at InterWave Studios is giving players a chance to take a look at the first gameplay footage for the upcoming Dark Matter, a game that will mix classic platforming exploration with a new system based on light and darkness.

Dark Matter will allow gamers to inhabit the character of Ensign as he explores the most hidden areas of space ship Endeavour.

He can get more weapons and special ammo from the shop, which will be required in order to face the monstrosities on board, at the same time making sure that he keeps his sanity intact while discovering what attacked the ship and killed his teammates.

At the moment, Dark Matter is out of alpha state and a beta period will follow in 2013.

The game is also part of the new Greenlight service on Steam, which allows players to vote on their favorite games.

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