Dance Central 3 Gets David Cameron and Boris Johnson Impersonators

Gamers can use them to play all the songs in the game

The development team in charge of Dance Central 3 has decided to take a break from launching more musical content for the title in order to give players a chance to use two political figures as characters.

David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, are ready to enter a dance battle using all the songs that have been included in Dance Central 3 so far.

The official description for the game reads, “Take it step-by-step with Break It Down, travel back through time to learn classic dance moves from past decades in Story Mode or use the new multiplayer Party Mode for up to eight players to truly get the Christmas party started.”

Recently, Ubisoft has delivered DLC for Dance Central 3 including Gangnam Style from PSY and Moves Like Jagger from Maroon 5.

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