DOTA 2 Updated, Greeveling Gifts Now Display Correctly

There are also bug fixes and general balance changes

Valve is launching an update for DOTA 2, specifically designed to fix a number of issues with the Greeveling winter event.

The full list of changes includes:

- Naked Greevils now get a random ultimate too.

- Auras from heroes no longer apply when in Greevil mode.

- Rebalanced the essence stat bonuses slightly. This should make seraphic greevils slightly weaker overall and colored greevils should be the best at whatever their essence gives innately.

- The items heroes receive from presents are now significantly better.

- Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause non-naked greevils to get incorrect/random abilities.

- Fixed a few greevil ability tooltips that were crediting abilities to the wrong essence/egg colors.

- Fixed Greeviling game summary gifts sometimes displaying incorrectly.

DOTA 2 is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena title and its overall success depends heavily on quick reactions from the development team to all the bugs and problems that the community reveals.

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