DOTA 2 Updated, Berserker Rage Fixed

Players should continue pointing out game issues to Valve

The development team at Valve in charge of DOTA 2 delivers yet another update for the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena title, with a number of fixes designed to eliminate existing bugs.

The official update list reads:

- Updated the icons for the new Warlock and Lone Druid sets;

- Fixed units not pathing around invisible enemies;

- Fixed stolen Berserker's Rage not restoring the original attack type on death;

- Fixed for LP mode not limiting 40 heroes;

- Fixed Battle Trance affecting units like Spirit Bear.

The new update might not seem like much, but with a MOBA title like DOTA 2 the core mechanics are so easily influenced that many match results might be modified by the changes introduced in this patch.

At the moment, DOTA 2 is still in beta and Valve is keen to hear feedback from players in order to improve the game.

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