DOTA 2 Receives New Patch on Test Server, Includes New Broodmother

Valve might also be ready to launch a MOBA winter event

The development team at Valve is deploying a new patch for their Multiplayer Online Battle Arena title DOTA 2 on the test client and gamers who have been exploring to see what it changes have discovered that it introduces a new look for the Broodmother.

The full list of changes, as compiled by the community, can be seen on the website of CyborgMatt and includes quite a few modifications to all aspects of the game.

New terrain also suggests that Valve is getting ready to launch a winter-themed event for DOTA 2.

The video attached to this blog post shows a comparison between the two versions of Broodmother.

DOTA 2 is not officially out at the moment, but Valve is allowing a large number of players to test out the MOBA and suggest changes that the developers can introduce.

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