DOTA 2 Might Get Frostivius Mode, Winter-Themed Items

Valve is not commenting on information uncovered by players

Fans have discovered content in the most recent patch for DOTA 2, which suggests that the game might soon get a new Frostivius game mode along with a number of items and character options linked to the winter holiday period.

The fan site states that the patch also points out to the release of the new Rizzrack the Timbersaw character.

It seems that the Frostivius mode will include content like ice skates for all characters and there are also snowy footprint images, announcer voice files linked to the winter season and more items for all the characters included in DOTA 2.

More information on the coming content is available on the CyborgMatt site.

DOTA 2 is the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena title that Valve has been working on and gamers can currently sample it in beta form, with no clear launch date announced at the moment.

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