DOTA 2 Gets New Update, Fixes Ability Use

Gamers are still encouraged to report all game issues

The development team at Valve in charge of DOTA 2 introduces a new update for the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, designed to eliminate a number of issues that the game community has flagged since the previous update was launched.

The entire change list includes:

Fixed Snowballs/Coals/Campfires proccing some passive abilities like Aftershock;

Fixed RoB, RoA and Radiance proccing Essence Aura;

Fixed a Roshan exploit with Clockerk.

DOTA 2 is still officially in beta stage, which means that Valve is still tweaking the various characters and their powers in order to make sure that the balance of the game is as close to perfect as possible.

The developers have suggested that they might officially launch the game at some point during 2013, with the only difference from the current stage being increased access for the public.

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