DOTA 2 Gets Bastion Voiced Announcer Track

Players can enjoy the soothing voice of Logan Cunningham

The development teams at Valve and Supergiant Games are launching a new announcer voice pack for the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena title DOTA 2, which allows players to enable the voice of the narrator from Bastion, the indie darling of 2011.

The voice of Rucks, the narrator in Bastion from Supergiant Games, is provided by Logan Cunningham.

The official price for the Bastion announcer pack is 8.99 Euro or 9.99 dollars.

Bastion was impressive due to its complex story and the narrator played an integral part in it, with the world weary voice designed to comment on the actions of the player and give him a sense of how he is performing in the game.

Recently Valve also introduced the Greviling event for DOTA 2, which offers gamers a chance to give others presents.

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