DC Universe Online Gets The Witching Hour Halloween DLC

Players will be able to battle a new foe, take part in events, get costumes

Video game developer Sony Online Entertainment has announced that it would launch a new piece of downloadable content for its MMO DC Universe Online called The Witching Hour, which will have a Halloween theme.

The new content will include new costumes for all the characters in the game, more missions and an entire new story arc, which involves Klarion the Witch Boy stealing the powers of other heroes in order to attack Gotham.

He is attracting the civilians with parties that mask his sinister intentions and gamers will have to battle Kalrion in order to get new gear.

The new content will be included in Game Update 19 and will first be offered on the PC Test server, with a general rollout expected close to Halloween, on October 31.

DC Universe Online is, at the moment, free to play, which means that anyone can experience any piece of the game without having to pay a monthly subscription.

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