Curiosity Secret Revealed, Winner Will Be Omnipotent in Godus

The new game from 22 Cans will be launched later this year

The development team at 22 Cans announces that a player has managed to uncover the final layer in its Curiosity video game and that he will play an important role in its next project, Godus.

Peter Molyneux, the leader of the company, says that Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh is the man who found out the ultimate secret embedded in the iOs and Android title.

This means that he will be one of the omnipotent beings featured in Godus, the next project from 22 Cans.

He will also be entitled to some of the proceeds the firm obtains from sales of its strategy title.

It took players more than eight months to uncover the secrets of Curiosity.

Godus is expected to launch before the end of the 2013 and was funded via a Kickstarter effort.

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