Crytek Has Big Plans for Crysis 3 DLC

The studio has big plans to support its new shooter

Crysis 3 is out today in North America and developer Crytek has revealed that it has big plans in regards to the downloadable content that will be released for the first-person shooter.

Crysis 3 is eagerly awaited by lots of shooter fans from around the world, with developer Crytek promising to deliver a top-notch experience that not only looks good, thanks to the CryEngine 3 technology, but also has great gameplay.

The new title is out today, February 19, in North America, and is scheduled to hit Europe on Friday, February 22.

Until then, Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has discussed, via CVG, the studio's plans of supporting Crysis 3 with DLC, saying that he can't really talk about it, but emphasizing that the team has a "big plan to support it."

As of yet, it's unclear just what new things will be included in Crysis 3's add-ons, as the add-ons could bring new multiplayer content but also new adventures for the single-player mode.

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