Crysis 3 Final Box Art Revealed

Prophet and his bow take aim in the new first-person shooter

Crysis 3 has just received its final box art, this time focusing completely on the protagonist, Prophet, and his special bow.

Crytek has promoted its upcoming Crysis 3 first-person shooter for quite some time by releasing plenty of gameplay videos, including the impressive 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 web series, and by posting different screenshots that focus on all sorts of different aspects from the game.

Now, the final box art for the game has just been revealed, via AGB, showing off Prophet, the hero of the game, while wearing his signature Nanosuit and wielding the all-new bow.

As opposed to the previous cover artwork, the image no longer shows Prophet sitting on the head of the Statue of Liberty, although the ruins of New York City are still visible in the background.

Crysis 3, in case you forgot, will take players back to New York City, the setting of the previous title, although it's been changed, as the jungle has slowly taken back the urban one.

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