Crysis 3 Beta Has Ban Clause, Will Not Be Enforced

The text was a leftover from other Electronic Arts titles

The team at Crytek working on the beta stage for Crysis 3 is aware that the End User License Agreement has the same ban clause as that for SimCity, but has no plans to enforce it.

Gamers discovered that publisher Electronic Arts was threatening to ban those who failed to report bugs during the beta stage for the city builder.

The official Crysis Twitter account states, “it was baked into the Beta before we realized it had the "Bug Ban" clause. We aren't enforcing that.”

Even if the developers and publishers were serious about the ban bug provision, it is unclear how they would decide what players to eliminate from the Origin digital distribution system.

The Crysis 3 beta includes two multiplayer modes and allows the team to make last-minute changes before the mid-February launch date.

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